Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House

Many people consider their home as the most valuable property they ever own. Thus, if they found themselves in need to sell their home, it is only logical that they would like to get the most money out of it. Selling one’s home can be a fulfilling experience if it was bought with the price below its market value. As a seller, it is imperative that you know the costs involved in selling so you can have the maximum return.

Real Estate Agents
If you don’t have the time or the experience needed to move your home, then real estate agent’s fee is the first thing to think through. The service fee varies from one agent to another; usually it is between 7-10 percent of your selling price. You might want to take note that if you will include the agent’s fee in your selling price, it will put your asking price well above the house’s market value. Pricing the house too high will not gain you a favorable deal.

Pick the agent who offers the lowest agent fee possible with the shortest lock-in period. Shorter lock-in period will allow you to search for another agent or choose an alternative should your initial agent failed to sell your house within the agreed time.

Title Insurance
Some states require the seller to pay for the title insurance. This will assure the buyers that the house has a clear title prior to purchasing. The title insurance is dependent of the selling price and varies from one state to another.

When you hire an agent to sell your house, he is expected to use any means necessary to find a buyer. However, you should not limit the marketing through your agent alone. You can market the house yourself by spreading the word, giving out flyers, and advertise in local listings.

These are just some of the basic costs in selling a house. Then, there are other costs such as closing fee, fix-up costs, and taxes.

If you want to sell your house and get the most money within the shortest time possible, you can sell it to private property investors. For more details, you may get in touch with Lucas Properties.

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